What happens when you refresh Computer Screen ?

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2 min readMay 26, 2021



The computer is a digital electronic machine which is in use almost all over the world. A lot of business and families are connected through it. Refresh property is basically found in it on the main screen. So a question arises in your mind than what is the working of refresh button on the main screen or what happens when we refresh Computer Screen at the back of computer screen. So here we discuss it.

Refresh button:

The refresh button is found on your main screen when you right-click on your computer screen. You can also refresh your computer by F5 button.

What people think about refresh Computer Screen:

On PC or computer, it is a normal act that when you open your PC or laptop almost 90% of you refresh your computer screen. Almost all of you think that when you click the refresh button then it helps your PC or laptop to refresh your RAM and help your PC to again normalize but it is not the exact working of the refresh button in your device. Now a question arises in your mind that if this button does not normalize your RAM then what is the exact work of this button.

What exactly working of refresh button:

The exact working of the refresh button is to reload your videos and your files saved in your device. With this reload, your working of the device become more accurate and also its quality becomes best.

Another use of the refresh button is to reload the pixels of your from the screen of your device. With this refresh, your front screen becomes more accurate and your graphics become improve.

Most people think that if they would not refresh their device then their device may disturb them and their quality of work may disturb. And some people think that if they refresh their device then they would get a good quality of the working device. But it is not a fact. Real working of refresh button only helps you to work your device a little bit smoother. Read more about refresh computer screen.



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